What's New

This section provides users with a quick overview of the changes to the UltraDNS Managed Services Portal, as well documentation updates to improve the user experience and simplifying your DNS management needs.

The table below displays the following details: 

  • The Release Date that the indicated changes were made to the UltraDNS Managed Services Portal, as well as any supporting documentation.

  • The Release Version number, which is in line with the Release Notes provided on the Support Portal.

  • The feature or function that has changed, along with the link to the corresponding section in this guide.


Release Date

Release Version




  • The Zone Volume Notifications function is now available! This feature allows you to monitor the Query Volume changes of up to five zones (domains) within your account and receive automated system-generated email notifications if the Query Volume exceeds a configured percentage of change. The Query Volume for a configured zone is calculated over the course of a seven-day average.

  • The Query Volume Notifications feature has been renamed to Account Volume Notification.



  • The Query Analytics Report can now return results for the HTTPS and SVCB record types, which can be enabled or disabled using the Select Columns option on the report page.



  • The Records Management page has been enhanced to offer a new Table View, which offers a streamlined and compact view of records and pools that have been configured. Additionally, record and pool creation has been simplified while using this view. Users can still choose to use the standard view if they wish.



  • We are excited to announce the launch of Community—a space designed exclusively for UltraDNS users to connect, learn, and innovate together on all things DNS. UltraDNS Community provides a platform to discuss DNS management, share experiences, and most importantly, get insight and feedback directly from a Support Team with over two decades of expertise and experience.

    • You can gain access to the UltraDNS Community by logging into the UltraDNS Managed Services Portal, and clicking the Community link in the upper right-hand header.



  • The Accounts page has a new tab for DNSSEC Settings, which allows administrators the capability to set default global DNSSEC values that once set, will be used for every zone signing, rollover, and resigning action for every zone in the account.



To enhance account security and integrity, we have integrated Single-Sign On (SSO) between the UltraDNS Managed Services Portal and our Zendesk powered Support and Knowledgebase center, which will prevent users from directly editing the primary or secondary email addresses for their UltraDNS accounts.

  • Users can no longer go to the My Profile section of their account, and update their Primary or Secondary Email Address.

  • Users and/or Administrative Users can no longer update a user's email address from the Accounts > Users section of the portal.

  • Users needing to update their email addresses can go to our Support center, and create a ticket to update their primary and/or secondary email addresses moving forward.

Users can now click on the Support Portal link in the UltraDNS Managed Services Portal and be taken directly to the Support Center and Knowledgebase.



The UltraDNS Managed Services Portal visual library has been upgraded, and users will notice visual improvements to various sections, including:

  • Improved high chart visibility on the Query Analytics Report page.

  • Improved Password strength meter when resetting a user / account password.

  • Cleaner alignment and spacing on report detail tables.



  • The following Reports have undergone various enhancements to provide our customers with increased reporting functionality.

    • Response Comparison ReportHourly View

      • The Zone Name filter selector now allows 250 Zone Names to be selected, instead of the previous 100.

      • The Hourly version of this report can now return up to 31 days of results, instead of the previous 7 days.

    • Response Comparison ReportDaily View

      • The Zone Name filter selector now allows 250 Zone Names to be selected, instead of the previous 100.

    • Advanced Client IP Report

      • Export limit has been increased from 10,000 results to 100,000.



The Advanced Client IP Report and Host Response Report have been updated to support the following improvements.

  • Each report can now return up to 31 days of results, instead of the previous 7 days.

  • The Zone Name filter selector now allows 250 Zone Names to be selected, instead of the previous 100.



  • SiteBacker Pools and Traffic Controller Pools can now be created using AAAA records.

    • SiteBacker and Traffic Controller Pools cannot contain both A and AAAA records. Separate pools will need to be created to support each of these record types.





  • The Vercara, LLC. address on the Contact Us page has been updated to display the new headquarters address.



  • The following updates and changes have been made to the Query Analytics Report Report (both Zone level and Host Level), and the Advanced NXDomain Report.

    • The Zone Name filter selector now allows 250 Zone Names to be selected, instead of the previous 100.

    • The Export option now returns 100,000 results, instead of the previous 10,000.

  • The Advanced NXDomain Report has been updated to now return up to 31 days of results, instead of the previous 7 days.





  • A copy icon has been added to the Realtime Push Notifications - Configure Channels and Events to quickly copy the JSON sample details.

  • An update has been made to Simple Monitor / Failover Pool notification function. Email notifications are not sent to the Primary / Secondary email address for the account. Instead, they are sent to the Zone Owner's (the user that created the actual Zone/Domain) email address (found in their My Profile section).



  • The Realtime Push Notifications feature has replaced the previous Telemetry System Connection feature. The Realtime Push Notifications operates in the same way, allowing users to configure up to three Webhook URLs to receive real-time notifications from the UltraDNS Managed Services based on the configuration of channels and events that you select. This feature is more streamlined than the previous Telemetry System Connection feature, offering users greater flexibility and control over their notification preferences.



  • For those accounts that have the UltraDNS2 feature enabled, the Usage Summary Report will display two new columns: Query Responses UltraDNS, and Query Responses UltraDNS2. The addition of these new data fields provides our UltraDNS2 customers with an easier and more concise view of their query volumes across both active networks. (UltraDNS2 Enabled Report Details)

  • A new Notification Settings is now available – Notification Settings. This new feature allows Owners or users in the ADMINISTRATIVE group to configure up to five email addresses that will receive system generated emails whenever the account’s DNS query volume exceeds the configured threshold percentage value of the account’s contractual query volume limit.



The Administrative Roles feature is now available, which offers two new optional security groups: SECURITY-ADMINISTRATION and DNS-ADMINISTRATION. Along with the Owner, and ADMINISTRATIVE users, additional features are now available to users in these groups, which are designed to give Account Administrators (or Security personnel) a way to manage and enforce the security preferences and guidelines for ALL users that have access to an account, regardless of additional accounts or permissions they may have.

  • Security Preferences - An additional section on the Account Info page that allows account wide security preference configurations, that can apply to all users within the account.

  • Users - Reset a user's password, Deactivate (Suspend) a user's account, Activate a user, and Edit a user's details.



  • The Symantec VIP Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) service is no longer supported on the UltraDNS Managed Services Portal. Instead, we have implemented the usage of a QR Code-based 2FA design. You can refer to the Logging In section to learn more.

    • For those accounts with Symantec 2FA enabled, on February 27th, the feature will be disabled, and users will be required to change their password upon logging in, as the default Username and Password authentication process will be enabled on the account.

  • For those accounts that have the UltraDNS2 service enabled, a bulk Add/Remove feature has been added to the Domains page. This feature allows multiple domains to be removed from, or added to, the UltraDNS2 network in a single operation. Additional information can be found on the Domains page.



  • The Query Analytics Report Reports section now displays an additional filter drop-down menu if an account has UltraDNS2 enabled. The filter allows users to retrieve the Query Analytics Report data for the following Zone types:

    • ONLY UltraDNS zones

    • ONLY UltraDNS2 Enabled Zones

    • BOTH UltraDNS & UltraDNS2 Zones

  • For UltraDNS2 enabled accounts, the Domains page will display an UltraDNS2 column. A drop-down menu will allow users to toggle the view of the Domains list between those UltraDNS2 enabled zones that are Active, Inactive, or display All of the zones for the account.



The Accounts page of the UltraDNS Managed Services Portal has been updated to include a new column, UltraDNS2. This column will identify if the Account(s) on the page has the UltraDNS2 feature enabled.



To open a Support Ticket, customers will now need to use the https://www.ultraproducts.support link, instead of the previously supported https://nss.support.neustar, which is no longer available. Corresponding mentions of the former link has been updated in supporting documentation.



The UltraDNS Product URLs have been updated in supporting documentation to reflect the new Product URLs as mentioned in the Release Version/Notes 1.69.0.



As of October 31st 2022, the following UltraDNS Product URLs will permanently be changing. Please update your bookmarks and contact your network team if URL whitelisting is required within your organization.

  • UltraDNS Portal: portal.ultradns.neustar --> portal.ultradns.com

  • UltraDNS Test Portal: testportal.ultradns.neustar -> testportal.ultradns.com

  • UltraDNS Documentation: docs.ultradns.neustar --> docs.ultradns.com

  • UltraDNS Support Portal: support.ultradns.neustar --> dns.ultraproducts.support

  • UltraDNS System Status: status.ultradns.neustar --> status.ultradns.com



  • Fixed a minor typo on the Pointer (PTR) record that was leading to customer confusion. The example text in the Add / Edit Record window has been changed from in-add.arpa to in-addr.arpa.



  • Minor formatting enhancements to the drop-down menus on the Zone Transfer page have been made.

  • The Add Probe screen for SiteBacker and Traffic Controller Pools has been improved for mobile device usage.



  • The following are changes that have been made to the SAML configuration and setup steps.

    • The Neustar Security Services (NSS) SAML metadata URL on the download link has been updated.

    • The vanity URL suffix has changed from sso.security.neustar to sso.ultradns.com.

  • The Upcoming Events and Advisories section from the Service Status Page on the UltraDNS Managed Services Portal has been removed. Customers should continue to use the https://status.ultradns.neustar/ page to check for any planned or upcoming maintenance dates.



  • The previous restriction on the DNS Health Check that allowed only the Account Owner, or users in the Administrative group to run the DNS Health Check for an account has been removed. Now, any user that has the Read level permission for the Domains Permissions type can view and generate the DNS Health Check Status/Report.



  • We have upgraded the UltraDNS Managed Services Platform to Angular version 12.x. In doing so, you may notice minor visual enhancements to sections of our portal, such as:

    • Clearer column alignment for the Domains and Records page,

    • New background colors for check-boxes when they are selected,

    • Enhanced visual representation of our Reporting data.



  • The "Comment" field in the TXT Records and SPF Records record type(s) has been renamed to "Record Value" to avoid confusion with other sections of the Portal that use Comment as a field type (i.e., Change Comment).

    • The Audit Log has been updated to reflect this field change.



  • The List of Pending Tasks (Tasks) is now automatically sorted by date, with the most recent entry appearing at the top of the list.

  • The contact information for the Neustar Security Services Sales team has been updated on the News section of the UltraDNS Managed Services Portal.



  • The Notification Settings (Actionable Telemetry) feature is now only unavailable for those accounts in the Multi-Level Management hierarchy that have the RESELLER and/or RESELLER_ADMIN account feature enabled.




  • All email addresses and reference links referring to Customer Support have been updated to correctly display our new Neustar Security Services support information.



  • Email (Mail) Forwarding results will no longer be returned for the Usage Summary Report on the UltraDNS Managed Services Portal. The corresponding column has been removed from the Usage Summary Report, as well as the Daily Usage Summary Report.

  • A Password Strength meter has been added to the Security Preferences section under My Profile on the UltraDNS Profile, to assist users in creating a safe and secure New password.



  • Performance improvements have been made to the UltraDNS Management Portal which have also provided an updated sorting icon, which will make it easier to sort the various columns on the portal (Domains page, Reports, etc.) in either ascending or descending order.




  • Secondary Domains that utilize the TSIG Key feature now provide the TSIG Key details in a Bind Format that can be viewed (and copied). To utilize this option, create or edit a Secondary Domain, make sure the box to Use TSIG Key is selected, and then click the View Bind Format button after (if) the TSIG Key value is provided. Creating a Secondary Domain



  • User's accounts will now be locked out after multiple failed log in attempts. If this occurs, please wait the indicated period of time before logging in again, or contact our Customer Support team for further assistance. Logging In



  • The UltraDNS Customer Support contact information has been updated on the UltraDNS Managed Services Portal as well as associated documentation and support material. The new phone numbers for UltraDNS customers to use are:

    • +1 844-929-0808

    • +1 540-835-5462



  • The UltraDNS Managed Services Portal content has been updated to address confusion and discrepancies for system generated permissions for users in the Technical group.

  • The minimum required password length for all accounts moving forward has been increased from six (6) characters to eight (8) characters. Any new or updated password will be required to adhere to the new minimum length requirements in both the Managed Services Portal, as well as the REST API.