The Tasks icon displays the list of items that are generated by actions that occur when you are logged into your account. Some of these items may be pending, or are a notification of a completed task.

Some examples of actions that will create a task list entry are:

  • Deleting a record or a zone.

  • Creating a Primary Zone via Zone Transfer.

  • Creating a Secondary Zone.

  • Exporting a zone’s details.

  • Performing a bulk edit of multiple domains.

When you click on the Tasks icon, a list showing the description of each item that triggered a task will appear. You can delete individual tasks by clicking the X icon next to the task description, or you can click the Clear All link to delete all the current tasks.

By default, the task list is sorted by the date (and time) in which the event occurred and displayed in descending order. At this time, the sorting behavior for the Task List cannot be altered.